There are lots of things to think about when considering a fundraising event.

Fundraising Guidelines

Organising an event can be fun and can make a real difference to Donegal Hospice. Your help and support will be very much appreciated.

Events which might interest you could be…

  • Hosting a Coffee Morning or Evening
  • Sponsored events such as:
    • Walk, Run or Cycling
    • Headshaves
    • Waxing
    • Golf Classics or Competitions
    • Car Washes
    • Cake Sales
    • Plays
    • Marathons
    • Sale of CD’s
    • Bring & Buy Sales
    • Music Sessions or Concerts
    • Parachute Jumps
    • Hosting a Fundraiser Ball

Please follow these simple Guidelines (Top)

Prior to organising your event in the name of Donegal Hospice you must make contact with the Fundraising Administrator, Isobell at the Donegal Hospice, Knocknamona, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal.
Tel 074 9125656 or 0872389607  or use the Contact Form to send us a message

Donegal Hospice is happy to offer advice and guidance on organising your event although the overall running of the event, expenses, promotion and insurance (if required) is your responsibility. Please do not publicise or announce any fundraiser until approval has been given and written authorisation has been sent to you.

Donegal Hospice does not have insurance for volunteer events, we recommend that if you require insurance for your event you seek independent insurance advice. If you are holding an event in a Hotel, Hall ,or any function room or premises check with the owner regarding insurance.

Before organising a public collection or door to door ticket selling you must contact your local Garda Station for a permit application. A permit is only valid for the day of your collection or event and cannot be used any other time or place. If you have applied for a Garda Permit and you have not received it before your event you cannot proceed with the fundraiser.

If you are holding an event please let the Donegal Hospice know if there are any other beneficiaries and if there are, what way the funds are going to be divided.

If you contact sponsors or receive any gifts from businesses or companies please submit list to Donegal Hospice so that these companies will not be asked by other people holding an event.

Approval for a repeat event each year must be authorised by the Donegal Hospice.

Other Useful Information (Top)

The Donegal Hospice provide promotional items such as Sponsorship Cards. Posters, T Shirts, Vest Tops for Running or Cycling, Hi Vis Vests (Florescent Yellow ) buckets when available, Raffle Cards.

If you require the Donegal Hospice Logo it can be forwarded to you for your promotional items.

All net proceeds from your event must be submitted to the Donegal Hospice in conclusion of your event.  If you make contact with the Donegal Hospice Office a presentation of the monies or cheque can be arranged for a time and place suitable for you.  You will receive a receipt and if you require any letters to be sent to sponsors etc we will gladly do so.

Donegal Hospice will arrange the photos and we will have your pictures put up on our Facebook page and in your local newspapers.

Donegal Hospice want you to enjoy your fundraising activities and stay safe.  The Donegal Hospice can accept no liability for any loss, damage or injury caused to any person during the event you undertake.

Donegal Hospice insurance does not cover property or the property of helpers or guests, nor does it cover personal liability for any injury suffered by event participants.

Donegal Hospice is registered with iDonate Ireland, where you can create your own fundraising page linked direct to Donegal Hospice.
fundraise on idonate

Here you can create a personalised page for your event, and select Donegal Hospice as the nominated charity. You can then publish and publicise it: people can donate directly via your page and the money is then automatically transferred to Donegal Hospice, making the whole activity a little simpler

Published Published February 11, 2018 / Last Modified Last modified: October 3, 2018