Mission, Values & Vision

Mission, Values & Vision

The Mission statement; Values and Vision of the Donegal Hospice are fundamental to our interaction with the people of Donegal

Mission Statement

The mission statement of the Donegal Hospice is: to provide comprehensive physical, emotional and spiritual care for individuals and families promoting the highest quality of living during life-limiting illness and bereavement. As you can see it is not just about the individual, nor is it just about medical intervention, but is about identifying what is appropriate in each individual case and providing a range of support services that are appropriate to that person and their individual circumstances. These may involve the Home Care team providing support at home; it may be a short period in the Hospice to provide symptom control; or it may involve the Day Care Unit providing opportunities for social contact with other people in similar circumstances who understand and are willing to share.

Values (Top)

The values that the Donegal Hospice embodies are:

  •  Affirm the patient as an unique and valued individual
  •  Preserve the quality of life, dignity and independence of the patient
  •  Provide an environment where the patient, family and friends feel accepted and safe
  •  Affirm the importance of the patient’s family and friends, and support and help them to cope during the patient illness and into bereavement
  •  Affirm life and regard dying as a normal process and neither hasten or postpone death
  •  Provide relief from pain and other distressing symptoms
  •  Meet the psychological, social and spiritual needs of patients and their carers
  •  Allow patients and their families their choice, wherever practical, to die at a place of their choosing, whether it be at home, hospice or hospital
  •  Work as a multi-disciplinary team to achieve our values and beliefs
  •  Respect and work with all other disciplines and agencies to meet the total needs of patients, families and friends
  •  Maintain an environment of mutual support and encouragement
  •  Provide the principles and practice of palliative care to all disciplines in the wider community
  •  Educate and train our staff and encourage personal and professional development
  •  Advance the understanding and rational treatment of progressive disease through appropriate research
  •  Maintain high standards of care and seek to enhance these through evaluation and implementation

Vision (Top)

The vision of the Donegal Hospice is: To continually strive to improve the service we deliver, and to always keep the patient and family at the centre of everything we do. We will identify need, working collaboratively with community colleagues and sharing expertise, so that palliative care becomes the right of every patient regardless of where they live or the cause of their illness


Published Published February 11, 2018 / Last Modified Last modified: September 10, 2018